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Pregnancy Loss Grief Coaching


At Dove and Jade Healing Partners, we provide grief coaching services for those who have experienced pregnancy loss at any stage and due to any circumstances.


Our founder and grief coach, Lindsay, is a peer specialist who experienced the pregnancy loss of her only son at 16 weeks. She knows the depths of grief and isolation surrounding a pregnancy loss. Therefore, she will provide a safe space for you to process your experience through empathetic listening where she will offer acceptance, validation, and understanding to you and your lived experiences.  


She is committed to supporting those who have experienced a pregnancy loss or multiple losses while helping them find a path to healing-whether that includes becoming pregnant again or not.


Just as the Dove represents hope and Jade represents healing, your experience here will be filled with opportunities to heal and build hope for your future family.


Why utilize grief coaching after your pregnancy loss?

Grief after a pregnancy loss is unique. It is often overlooked by family and friends as they never knew the baby in the way that you did. They may find it uncomfortable to talk about the loss of pregnancy, no matter how the loss occurred. Therefore, may say unhelpful things that serve only to magnify your feelings of grief and isolation.


Even though you never held the baby nor bonded with them outside the womb, that doesn't mean that they never existed, that you don't still love them, and that your grief isn't real.


At Dove and Jade Healing Partners we understand the tremendous loss that you're feeling. We know that the grief that you're experiencing can be overwhelming to process on your own. We are eager to provide you with the support you are unable and unlikely to receive from friends and family because your grief, and your baby, are real.

In our time together during our virtual meetings, you will find a non-judgmental space to discuss your baby, the loss, and begin your healing journey alongside a peer specialist who has lived this same experience.


You will no longer be isolated in your grief, but instead you will feel supported, be heard, and have your feelings, whatever they encompass, validated.


You don't have to go through this alone. Let us support you.


Hour-long individual sessions will be held virtually during times that fit your schedule. Writing, talking, and listening tools will be utilized to support you and your grief. 


Single sessions: $100/hour

5 sessions: $450

Please use contact info below to schedule a free 15-minute informational meeting or to schedule your booking.


Virtual group sessions will be offered to bring individuals together and build unity in times of grief. Writing, talking, and listening tools will be utilized to support one another.


$50/1 hour session



Please use contact info below to express interest. Sessions will be offered when 2 or more participants sign up. 


Virtual hour-long sessions for couples to learn to communicate in these challenging times will utilize writing, talking, and listening skills to support both partners in their grief.


Single session: $125/hour

5 sessions: $575

Please use contact info below to schedule a free15-minute informational meeting or to schedule your booking.



Lindsay, Pregnancy Loss Grief Coach

Lindsay is an experienced public speaker. If you are interested in booking her for speaking engagements about pregnancy loss or women's health, please use the email address above.  

Disclaimer: Grief coaching is not a substitute for therapy offered by a licensed and trained professional.
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